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Created in 1999 by James Cherian, Prestige Enterprise is based in Gingins, in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.
We select and produce for you creative, innovative and unique Business Gifts and Promotional Products that relay your company image, values and message:

  • Corporate Gifts : For your events, internal staff incentives, customer rewards, we can offer you a wide variety of products based on your aesthetic needs and corporate identity
  • For your VIP Clients : We propose Premium Brands, Luxury Gifts and Signatures items from well-known Designers
  • Marketing Advertising Objects : Give us your brief and we find the solution to boost your communication
  • Leather Creations : We design and create Personalised and unique Leather items for you in our factory in Mumbai, India.

We develop Tailor-made Products as per your needs.
Our strength resides in professional advice, high quality service, competitive prices, integrity and confidentiality.
We pay special attention to every detail, from creation to on time delivery and within the approved budget.


Designer ideas … Architect of your solutions

What is your objective with the gift you desire to offer? What image do you want to reflect? What message do you want to communicate?

Our objective is to simplify your life by preparing a selection of creative gift ideas and make the creation process smooth, cost effective and pleasant.

See below examples of the realisation that met the objectives of our clients


We accompany you throughout the creation process:
Brainstorming sessions Selection of ideas / objects Offer and possible customizations
Presentation of a product proof (BaT) Production Quality Control Delivery !



Create a close relationship, an identity, both for internal and external public, define the unique character of your business, make your image grow among your different audiences …

Decorate your offices & visitors showroom with your design, give your teams tools in your colors, offer a special gift for an anniversary, a birthday …
Please find below some corporate realisations

Bookmark for Jubilee
Gift set
Bottle for employees
Writing pad

Our team at your service

Diversity of skills, competence, creative ideas … all put together for you …
We answer you in English, French, Spanish, Italian



Founder and CEO
Thanks to his experience and expertise, James creates lasting relationships of trust and partnership with our clients and partners. Fully concerned to meet the expectations of our clients, he is fully committed to the success of the project, with special attention to details, with very high quality standards.
His designer and manufacturer vision, his sense of innovation enable him to meet the challenges that you will entrust him!

My priority is to have harmonious relationships whether it is with our clients, my brothers in India or our suppliers. I make sure that everyone involved gets a sense of accomplishment and that our projects are win-win situations for all

Elise has developed her experience in the world of luxury travels.
Passionate about creation and trends, always looking for something new and beautiful.
It is very important for her to find for you unique and innovative solution to meet your expectations.
Elise visits the largest international fairs to find THE good idea that will communicate your messages.

What I like most is to give an object that reflects the person and that relays a positive emotion. That’s why I love brainstorming and finding the perfect ideas for corporate gifts. Everything becomes a source of inspiration. That’s how we keep the desires of our clients at the center of our activities.


Our Factory “Elite International” is located in Mumbai in India since 1994. It is certified ISO 9001.

It is managed by James brothers Joseph and George Cherian. Elite International is specialized in the manufacturing and export of high-quality Personalised Leather Goods. The factory is equipped with excellent machinery.
Our know-how and flexibility enable us to produce objects ranging from small items (ex. wallets) to larger items (ex. bags). The personnel is experienced and can personalize all the objects according to your needs.
All our products are unique and handmade.
We have developed close relationships with manufacturers in Europe, Asia, India, Latin America to offer you products with quality, high technology, craftsmanship, technical know-how.
This enables us to meet your specifications as complex or innovative they can be.


Some tools for you

There are many ways to present a message, to give sense, to sublimate, to (re)mark, to customize…

Make live a a visual experience, sensory or olfactory to your clients by choosing the right method of marking the objects that you will offer.

Pad printing, doming, transfer, sublimation, quadri color printing or pantone color printing … see here examples and useful information to choose which one is best for you.


Printing & Marking Techniques


Oldest and most widespread stamping process, the silk screening process uses a silk screen ink permeable like a stencil. It is an ideal technique for textile printing and marking of flat surfaces. In this process, the background of the logo is the textile itself.

This is the most flexible marking technique, because it adapts to many shapes (concave, convex, planar, cylindrical or irregular) and graphics. A flexible silicone stamp reproduces the marking quickly and accurately on all types of surfaces even smaller. The number of colors is unlimited and the definition is excellent, especially on small surfaces. This marking process is accurate and fast.

It is exclusively used for marking textiles and luggage. Sustainable and qualitative, current machines can embroider from 12 to 15 colors on the same label. The price of embroidery depends on the number of points and the size of the logo. The logos fully filled, or with gold or silver, are more expensive to produce.
Laser engraving

laser engraving
This method does not use ink to mark a product: the laser impact on the product will dig the material to directly burn a precise and permanent marking. It may be more or less deep according to the final rendering desired, and can be used on metals, wood, glass and plastics. The color of engraving is determined by the material itself. This technique is the most durable and most qualitative.

But also…

Hot stamping

Embossing shows a marking in hollow or relief by the pressing of a hot punch on the product. This permanent marking may be accompanied by a gold or silver film. Its use is recommended on leather goods and leather imitations, as well as certain plastics.

The transfer is a technique that allows reproducing the same images and photos in high definition. Produced by a hot color print applied hot with a press, or by serigraphy (silk screen transfer), the render of transfer is very realistic and is resistant to washing. This technique is a must for any image with gradations or a high number of colors.
This method is generally used for textile: T-shirts, polos, caps, sports bags, umbrellas …

Sublimation is a method of marking for textiles in polyesters. This technique uses special inks to produce a result which has many advantages: a reproduction of high definition images, perfect color rendering, a textile texture which is not affected by the marking and excellent resistance to washing.
Direct printing

The direct printing technology allows to print directly in color on items such as plastic, metal, wood … This process offers the ability to print individually or in series. Printable surfaces must be flat.
With direct printing technology the special UV inks enables outdoor utilisation. Direct printing is highly resistant to UV, weathering, abrasion and the most common cleaning products.
direct printing

Doming is a process used on small rigid or semi-rigid objects, such as USB keys or key chains. The process involves casting a transparent polyurethane resin on a printed adhesive backing. Once heated the resin hardens, the magnifying effect makes the marking very qualitative and brings out the colors. New doming techniques make it possible to encapsulate a smell, a synthetic fragrance in doming.
Read this excellent article « printed in four-color or pantone »


Our Refences

We thank our clients, companies and institutions who are often leaders in their field, for their trust and loyalty.


Our customers are mainly active in the following sectors:
Finance, Luxury Watch Industry, Industry, Insurance, Medical & Pharma, Technologies & Services, Education, NGOs, International Organizations ….

click here for examples

We already create for them …

  • Logo-CICR 

  • Logo-Edwards 

  • Logo-MirAM

  • Logo-AS

  • Logo-LO

  • Logo-Opage

  • Logo-CBH

  • Logo-sequoia

  • Logo-CCIG

  • Logo-Casino

  • Logo-BNP

  • Logo-Romica

… and many more!



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